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Hard Surface Restoration & Protection

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Let The Professionals At Ecoworx Restore, Protect, And Enhance Your Concrete, Natural Stone, And Brick Masonry Surfaces


Over time, exterior concrete, brick masonry, and natural stone surfaces can show significant wear creating not only an unappealing appearance, but will also attribute to a shortened working life. Susceptible to harsh environments and extreme elements, special care should be given to exterior building hard surfaces to help mitigate future risks. Biological growth such as algae, mildew, and mold, if left unabated will damage and weaken the structural integrity of masonry and concrete; oil and grease spills on horizontal concrete can create dangerous slip hazards during rainfalls; and staining such as efflorescence, lime runs, and rust contributes to an unsightly appearance that purveys property neglect.

With proper professional maintenance and protection programs in place, your concrete, masonry, and natural stone investments will perform at their maximum and continue to stay aesthetically pleasing throughout their working lifetime.

Restoring And Protecting Your Investment For Years To Come

Our hard surface restoration technicians can restore your vertical or horizontal hard surfaces to their original conditions. Once the restoration process is complete, we can protect your surfaces with premium breathable penetrating sealers and water repellants developed specifically for exterior hard surfaces – our products can virtually eliminate future surface staining, help prevent biological growth from returning, mitigate future liabilities, and save you thousands in maintenance costs over the lifetime of your hard surfaces.

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