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Commercial & Industrial Concrete Flooring Systems

Burnished Concrete Flooring

Burnished Concrete Flooring

Cost Effective, Low Maintenance Concrete Flooring Systems

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Cost Effective Concrete Flooring Option For Large Open Occupancy Spaces

Burnished concrete flooring is a low maintenance, cost effective option suitable for many types of industrial and commercial spaces including warehouses, big box retail stores, large open indoor public spaces, fullfillment centers, and more.

This environmentally friendly, sustainable, low cost concrete flooring option improves indoor air quality, is extremely durable, and is aesthetically pleasing. When coupled with the proper maintenance plan, burnished concrete flooring can provide a working service life of 50+ years.

Is Burnished Concrete Flooring The Right Choice For Your Project?

Although burnished concrete is best suited for new concrete slabs, older existing slabs can also be styled and burnished depending on it's condition. Get in touch with us today to schedule a job walkthrough and flooring consultation to see if a burnished system is the right choice for your use case scenerio.

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